About Me!

So I’m just a Mum living an ordinary everyday life, trying to be the best mum, wife, teacher and person I can be! I live in a deprived seaside town with my family in the North East of England.

I’ve been blogging for around 2 years but I’ve decided to start a fresh by beginning this parenting and lifestyle blog because I’ve finally found my niche. I love to write and love the blogging community. What’s best to write about but the things I know about and experience daily, like being a parent and living life, whilst writing and teaching?

I currently work as both a freelance Writer and as a freelance Assessor. I am also a graduate of English and Creative Writing BA (Hons) and MA in English studies. I am currently completing a teaching degree and will have completed this by July 2017. At that time, I will be a fully qualified English teacher working in the further education sector. (Saying that aloud is so scary!!!)

A few points that about sum me up…

*Family comes first
*I’m a bit crazy
*I always want to achieve more (and more)
*I’m an avid reader and adore books – my hubby is getting a little frustrated as he constantly has to make me book shelves! My book collection doesn’t stop there as I also have quite a Kindle selection too!
*All of us are foodies and movie/TV junkies in the evening, but we are quite active aside from that!

Hope you enjoy reading!


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