I’m sure that any parent can appreciate what I’m about to discuss.

I feel the need to moan about the number of shoes my children go through. We are now at mid-January and I buy shoes at the beginning of every school year.  The amount of money I must have spent on shoes for my children is mounting already.  Children should come with a warning similar to the labels we see for hazardous waste; parents beware, children’s feet grow rapidly, and you must be prepared to buy several pairs of shoes within the space of four months and God help you if they have any extra-curricular activities like football or dancing!


So since September my kids have had the following shoes:

My youngest son: 1 pair of school shoes, 2 pairs of trainers, 3 pairs of football boots, one pair of regular boots, 1 pair of plimsolls, and a pair of wellies.

My eldest son: 2 pairs of school shoes, 3 pairs of trainers, 2 pairs of football boots, 1 pair of plimsolls, and a pair of wellies.

My daughter: 1 pair of school shoes, 2 pairs of school boots, one pair of plimsolls, 1 pair of trainers, 1 pair of football boots and a pair of wellies.


I mean shoes cost a fortune and there is well over £400 worth of shoes there and guess what, my daughter needs a new pair of school boots and trainers, and both of my sons’ need a pair of trainers.  How am I supposed to compete with this? 


How dare our children’s feet grow?  I mean it’s just rude! Do they have no consideration for us?

Don’t they know that by growing their feet means their parents are out-of-pocket? 

Money doesn’t grow on trees you know, and neither do shoes!  Today I’m just choosing to moan about shoes but what about uniforms, and regular clothes too.  I mean the costs are never-ending!

The next time I get a job, I’m going to see if staff are offered discounts on footwear as a perk of the job – maybe I should actually consider getting a job in Clarks or a sports shop instead of teaching!

Rant over for today!

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