A lot of families struggle and over the past few years things haven’t been easy for us.  We used to have some savings but we currently don’t.  Things happen, and my husband has been out of work for quite some time now.

Saving is important for me this year.  I started off on the right foot last year but it didn’t continue and I was not prepared for Christmas at all.  We had numerous repairs to make on our property, and as I currently work on a self-employed basis, I had a dry spell between August to December in which I barely made any wages. It’s been tough!

My roof recently started leaking and it cost hundreds of pounds to fix.  I had to borrow the money from my Mum because I couldn’t afford to pay for it.  Things like this happen but I realise that I need to have backup money behind me in case things like this happen in future.

This year, once my teaching course is complete, I’m going to be in a better position to get a higher paid job. That’s great news for me and I hope everything goes to plan.  I work part-time on a self-employed basis and I also do some freelance writing too so if I can keep this up, then I should make enough to be able to save for the future and have plenty for Christmas 2017.

Savings rates aren’t the best at the moment but I’m not going to be saving necessarily to make interest, I want to save to be a good example to my children and so we don’t need to worry about things that happen that we can’t control.

Do you have any savings or would you like to save? How important do you think it is to have savings? Do you have any savings tips?  

Can you save – I will be honest, I struggle with saving as I like to spend and there’s always something I feel that we need? 

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