Another instalment of DIY in our home!

When I moved into our property back in April, I struggled.  We had downsized, and I had no space to store my books.  I wanted my lounge to look minimalistic so I ended up temporarily storing my books and folders in bookshelves in the cupboard under the stairs.  This meant that I had nowhere to store items like my Hoover.

I’m obsessed with books.  Because I’ve studied English degrees, I adore English. I love to read and have so many books it’s unbelievable!

When I got my bedroom decorated the plans were to move my books there. Due to a roof leak, we were delayed but finally, I could make preparations for my books to be stored properly.  My husband promised to line the back wall of our bedroom (the room is very large) with shelving especially for my books.  He certainly delivered on that and bought me a desk too!  Although, that was for Christmas and we haven’t put that up yet.

Now I have a space of my own to work and read in peace!

Another good job by my husband – I will have a beautiful house soon if this continues!



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