I’ve been waiting to decorate my lounge for a while, but so many other things in the house needed upgrading so I’ve been delayed.  We only began decorating in December which meant that the putting up of Christmas decorations was delayed this year.  But it was well worth the wait.  I wanted a feature wall with brickwork and I bought a stove electric fire as I wanted a vintage style look.  I wanted a floating shelf style mantelpiece but these worked out quite expensive.  My husband decided that he could make one himself from our old mantel so he did and nobody actually believes it’s our old mantel.  The framework around the fire is made from old dado rail, also taken from our lounge.  He sanded them all down and stained them the same colour and it’s amazing!



I absolutely love it!

I couldn’t find a coffee table I liked to suit my room anywhere.  We ended up buying a table that needed some TLC – all the paint was scratched and peeling.  It cost us £5 from a charity shop.  My husband (being the talented man that he is) plained it all and varnished it to match the fireplace.  Just look at the detail on the legs!

my-table                                                             my-table-leg

Anyway, my room is now complete.  The other walls are navy and white.  Then I have navy throws, curtains and cushions scattered around. Overall, I’m really pleased with how my room is looking.  It’s like a little cosy cottage in here and finally, I feel at home!  I was actually upset to have to put up my decorations but now they are put away, I can enjoy the decor once more!

Have you been decorating lately or are you planning to?  What sort of look are you going for?

Are you a spender or do you prefer to up-cycle/recycle what you already have?  Let me know what you think!

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