In 2015 I began writing a fantasy story – it was a short story of 1500 words and it was about a journey.  I quickly realised that I could turn this story into a novel. At the end of 2015, I decided to write a chapter plan.  There would be around 90,000 words and 45 chapters.  It was my goal to write this by the end of 2016.  I wanted to finish the story by the June and spend the rest of the year editing and refining the story – it gave me plenty of time.


Or so I thought…

I’ve had 20, 000 words written since March 2016.

I reviewed it over the summer and wrote another 1000 words.

In November I joined NaNoWriMo in hopes to make some progress and wrote another 1000.

I’ve never touched the novel since!


I’m disappointed in myself, that I didn’t have motivation to pursue this.  I love writing, it’s my dream to write a novel and I have a fantastic plan but there was always something else to do other than write my novel. Something always got in the way.

I take responsibility for this because I’ve allowed other things to get in my way! I’ve asked myself, can this year be different? Can I make time and actually sit with my novel?  

So now it’s time to think positively, yet also realistically.

Although I won’t have to read the whole story, I will have to read my chapter plan and notes so that I can get back into the story.  I want to write this novel, edit this novel, and publish this novel but it’s important not to put too much on myself because this will most likely mean that I give up.

In order to get this finished this year and allow time for editing, I need to write at least 2000 words per week and I might need a little time for research sometimes too.  This is doable but I will need to assign time dedicated to writing for the novel each week.  If I get into the story, then it shouldn’t take me much time to write 2000 words so that is certainly a doable target for me.  I need to balance this against my work time of 16 hours, my placement time of 11 hours, my time in uni of 8 hours plus study/preparation to teach time which can vary from 8-12 hours per week. I also wanted to get back to dedicating time working on a PhD proposal and reading for pleasure.  Doing an English degree means that most of the novels I read were for academic purposes so I want to enjoy fiction again.  I also have my blog and need to dedicate time to writing for the blog as well as communication/interaction and promoting the blog through social media.

I have a lot to do but I do think that it’s possible for me to get this novel completed in 2017! 

What do you think?  Can I do this?  Can I complete, edit and publish my novel in 2017? Is there anything I haven’t thought of? Any barriers etc…? Have you written a novel? How did you stay motivated?  How did you focus on your writing and work around those barriers? 

Do you have any writing goals for 2017?  Let me know!

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