My five-year-old doesn’t sleep well at all!

The last three weeks have been much worse.  I think it’s been the excitement of Christmas at first.  He’s quite active and he’s had a break from all of his clubs; football and swimming.  The weather hasn’t been so good, and I haven’t been well (a bug seems to have been doing the rounds in our house) so I haven’t taken them out a lot over the last few weeks either.

It got worse over the week from Christmas eve to new years day.  I’m talking that child was away until at least 1am and on one occasion, 3am.  His older brother is not able to go to bed until he’s asleep, as he’s a chatterbox and talks for anything between one-two hours every time his brother enters the bedroom.  My son was falling asleep downstairs wondering why on Earth he had to share a room with his little bro!

I’ll be honest, he was back at school earlier this week – Tuesday 3rd.  His football returned on Friday and he went to his swimming lesson yesterday.  I was hoping he would settle down, being up even earlier than usual for school but he was still awake all week until midnight.  It’s keeping the rest of the family awake.

I mean does this dude run on fresh air, or what? 

Finally, on Saturday night, following another early morning followed after swimming is the first time he’s fell asleep before 11pm.  I’m really hoping now we are getting back into a routine that he will sleep.

I wish I could blame something in particular, like the sweets over the holidays, but by boxing day, most of our delicious treats had gone.

I know there are a lot of parents that go through exactly the same thing as us, who will appreciate how hard sleep deprivation is.  I really need to tackle this issue if it continues because a lack of sleep could really affect my other son’s education and he already struggles with his concentration.

I work assessing, I work 2 days per week on placement teaching English, I have my course to study for, as well as the kids as well as other commitments and household/family duties.  I just can’t deal with this!


My daughter was never a good sleeper and she still has her moments.  But she’s 11 so she doesn’t cause a scene when she’s awake as she does try to sleep and doesn’t chatter on.  As she was my first child, I worked part-time and I didn’t have as much on as I do now so I never felt it as much.  I currently feel run down, as if I’ve worked for fifty years and I’m about due to retire!  (I’m 32 by the way so that’s a long way off).

I once took my daughter to the doctors because of her sleep pattern but I was told to stop her eating late, stop her drinking late (which she didn’t do anyway) and promote exercise by taking her out for a walk after dinner in the evening.  We did this for several months and it made no difference whatsoever.  I don’t feel like there is anything wrong with my son as such – I think this initially stemmed from the excitement of Christmas but I appreciate that I do need to put a stop to this.

So my plan of action is as follows;

No sweets or sugary treats after 6pm (we don’t often allow that but occasionally he has a biscuit).

Make sure he gets fresh air every day – to play outside on his bike, a walk, or a kick around with a football should be fine!

Try to wind down with a bath and a story.

I don’t think that this is really any different to what we do anyway but I’m going to make sure that he’s tired out.  Sometimes supper is needed because nobody can sleep if they are hungry but I’m going to make sure it’s something light and healthy.

Just sleep child, sleep!!!


Do you have a child that doesn’t sleep?  Do you have any advice for me or do you want to discuss your own experience?  What did/do you do? How do you cope with sleep deprivation? Have you been putting up with months/years of sleep deprivation? 








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