I’m going to provide a review of the recent movie, Passengers, that is now at our cinema and I’m going to try not to spoil it for you.  It’s important to point out here that I enjoy sci-fi movies.  Sci-fi, fantasy, horror and crime are my favourite movie and book genres.

At first, when the film began, I wasn’t completely sure why everyone was in space but that does become clear soon, just not necessarily at the very beginning.

Chris Pratt plays a fantastic role as the lead character, Jim.  I felt sorry for his character and although he makes some wrong choices, you can understand why and he does become a hero overall.

Aurora, played by Jessica Lawrence, is a kind, clever, lady.  She becomes angry with Jim, and this is understandable, but she shows solidarity and plays a strong character that shows forgiveness and bravery.

Michael Sheen’s character, Arthur, is very interesting.  He seems to become a little manipulative even though, he shouldn’t be able to act in that way.

Laurence Fishburn plays a short but vital part.  He shows bravery and without his input catastrophe would surely occur.

Overall, I enjoyed the film.  It’s full of action and we didn’t find the storyline to be too far-fetched.  It was believable for the future.  I was surprised that it was so good based on the fact that there are not many characters.  The characters are well-rounded and reflect human nature well.  As well as being action-packed the movie also brings sadness that evokes sympathy from the audience.  Some actions of the characters aren’t always moral and yet the circumstance means we don’t necessarily blame them for their own actions.

I love a selfless, heroic ending and that’s exactly what we get here.  This film certainly didn’t disappoint and I would recommend it to others!

Have you watched Passengers or are you planning a cinema visit to see this? What did you think? Do you like films that fall into the sci-fi genre? Are there any movies you want to see that have been released or due to be released soon? I want to see Monster Trucks next!

My next movie review will be Rogue 1: A Star Wars Story as we also watched this over the Christmas break, so watch out for that post later in the month!

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