The thing about the Christmas break ending is getting back into your normal routine.  My children go back to school today and they’ve been up late every night over the holidays.  I know it’s going to be difficult for us all to get back into the school routine.

For me, I return to my teaching placement tomorrow which means I’ll be leaving the house at the crack of dawn and commuting for an hour.  I really wish my placement was closer to home. I’m also back to my other job, working from home today.  This is with a heavy heart and zero motivation.


Does January make you feel deflated?  How do you feel getting back to a typical routine? 

We’ve had such a chilled time (well, apart from our shopping spree in the sales) and we’ve played inside the house mainly because of the miserable weather.  On new years day, I had to wake the children up as it was getting towards lunch time!  I think that the this and the cold, dark mornings don’t help, only aid the lack of motivation.  This was also our first Xmas without my mother-in-law who died the day after boxing day last year!

I’m a bit sad that it’s the children are back at school next week.  I enjoy them being at home.  If I could afford to give up my job and course, I would totally home educate but with my husband’s health conditions, I have to work as he is only able to work part-time.  I love teaching and learning with them!

I’m quite an anxious person on the inside, although this isn’t always apparent on the exterior.  I worry about everything and sometimes my anxiety holds me back and I have to push myself.  I know a lot of people feel the same!  In my case, I had just seemed to settle into my teaching placement for three weeks, and then I’ve had three weeks off on holiday.  Teaching English is hard as under government legislation as students have to study English at GCSE if they don’t attain a C until they are 18.  As you can imagine, this means that some of the students don’t want to be there and this means it can be quite a difficult subject to teach.  I’m up for the challenge but sometimes I wonder if teaching is for me.  I wanted to teach in further education because I thought that the students who I would teach would all want to be there, but that’s not always the case.  I’m far from naive but it’s harder than I first imagined.  I didn’t expect an easy ride but teaching can be quite scary!

I’ve decided that this year, I’m going to push myself to be more motivated – I mean it’s the perfect time, right? A new year, a new journey!  I’ve been writing myself some goals for 2017 and along with my new blog, I’m hoping I start to feel inspiration and motivation quite quickly.  I’m going to write more about my goals later in the month so look out for this post!


What do you do to stay motivated?  Have you made any goals this year?  What makes you feel inspired? 

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