When I was younger, I don’t think I recognised what new year’s eve was for a long time.  My Mum rarely stayed up past ten o’clock and my dad did stay up but never broadcasted the fact.  When I discovered new years eve, I stayed up with my dad for a couple of years and then I went to my Aunt’s house.  Simply because she allowed me to stay up late plus her next door neighbour used have family and friends over, so we used to get invited in and I knew their daughter.  When I was 12 I made a good friend who lives in a nearby town.  Her family had a party for new year and kind of made a big deal of it.  I got invited one year and for several years to follow they couldn’t escape my presence at their party.  I loved the atmosphere.  The family was so close and fun, I just wanted new year to be like that always.


When I got older I started to spend new year in pubs, usually with a boyfriend or close friends.  I must admit I still preferred the house party over any of these.  When I had my first child (almost 12 years ago) I stopped.  I have tried going out twice since having a child but for ten out of the twelve years I’ve stayed home and had a party at home with family and friends.  The tradition has been for a while now that family and friends come over to my house.  My children look forward to it so we now have our new year traditions.


First of all, let me stress that although I do occasionally have a drink in front of my children, the idea of our new year is not to get smashed because I don’t like it around the children.  It’s to simply have fun and make memories.  I didn’t actually touch a drop of alcohol this new year and both my sister and friend who come over don’t drink either. We are quite boring really!

1# Our first tradition is that everyone comes to our house and we put on a buffet.  Good people and good food!

2# Another tradition is to buy schloer to toast the new year – red grape light to be specific.

3# Slow cooker, self-serve hot chocolate is a must-have at our little soiree.  We ladle it out of the cooker for the kids and they add their own squirty cream, marshmallows and choccy chips.  We usually have candy canes too but this year someone forgot to buy some more (oops!).


4# Band.  Every year we form a band.  I have three children and a husband so of course there are lots of musical instruments.  This year the boys got an electric guitar and my husband also has one.  My daughter has a keyboard, and there are several other instruments like a recorder, maracas, bells, and we always have pots and pans for drums!!!  Forming a band is a must at new year!

5# Watch the BBC one show and countdown.  This year it was Robbie Williams.

My kids also try to force in a board game or two – usually monopoly.  That is not exactly my idea of fun!  Maybe I should by them bingo next year, that’s fairly quick.

They may not seem very interesting traditions, but they are ours! Do you have any traditions at new year?

I was thinking about breaking traditions next year and either going out somewhere suitable for the children or maybe away on holiday.  What do you think about breaking traditions?  If you could go anywhere for new year where would it be?  I’m always stuck – do I go somewhere peaceful or somewhere busy?  How do you prefer to spend your new year? 




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