Thanks for catching up with Aspiring Warrior Mum again and happy 2017.My Random Musings

My hopes for this year are simple: I want to be healthy, happy and have fun – don’t we all – I wish this for you too!

As I want to write about current issues, it’s impossible for me to plan every post I write.  I’ve decided to overcome this by planning 3 posts per week over a four-week period and then I still have scope to talk about current issues in between.  As this is a new blog, I wanted to give readers an idea of the types of posts they can expect from me.  My blog may not suit every reader, but if you like the sound of what you read, then don’t forget to stop by, or even better, follow Aspiring Warrior Mum.

Over the course of this month you can look out for:

2nd – 8th January

Family new year’s eve traditions

Returning to the norm routine in 2017

Review of the movie, Passengers


9th – 15th January

Is 2017 the year I will finally complete my novel?

How I love my fireplace (and of course my husband)!

Our favourite Xmas gifts from 2016


16th – 22nd January

My Writing Goals for 2017

A library of my own

Growing feet: Keeping up with the shoes


23rd – 29th January

Christmas Money Experiment: Interview with the children

Family Saving

2017 = Healthy Mum


Leave a comment below if you are excited about any of the posts listed.  If you are part of the blogging community and leave your blog address, I will be sure to stop by and check out your blog.


I know 2017 is going to be a fantastic year so sending love and positivity your way!


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